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What our clients say

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What some recent clients say about their experience with Language Master Group

We might be biased. Take it from our students.

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María is an excellent tutor. She provides many resources, and engaging activities that will not only help you understand the language better but also make you fall in love with the culture.

María is a patient and enthusiastic instructor, but also deadline driven , so doing your homework for her course is a must! Although, I had graduated with a Spanish degree, I had problems with speaking the language with confidence and pronouncing different words, but with the assistance of María, I was pronouncing my words with fluency and learning how to confidently interact with during her course.

Santana G.
Ocuppational Therapist
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I’ve had a fantastic experience working with María and her team.

She tailors lesson content according to my pace and goals and I am making a lot of progress. In wholeheartedly recommend her and Language Master Group!

Ryan C.
IT software

When I moved to Miami in 2016 I decided I wanted to learn Spanish in order to better understand and interact with the community. I had taken two years of Spanish in high school and had been using an online package to help me get started.

I wanted a teacher who had experience and was well educated. Maria has a PhD in Spanish language and literature and Master degrees in Spanish and Education. The most important thing to me was to learn to speak Spanish correctly. Spontaneous conversations are a big part of her classes. The subject matter is relevant to everyday life and the sentences and expressions can be studied and applied immediately.

Maria provides a transcript of the entire conversation which allows me to review it as often as needed. Maria also uses prepared lessons to teach vocabulary and grammar.

She corrects and reviews all homework with me, answering questions and emphasizing the important points. The pace of the classes is excellent.

Maria maintains interest by providing a challenging environment but she also provides the structure and guidance needed for a positive learning experience.

Libby E.
Business Professional

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